Resources for Northern Territory

Information to assist Adults, Youths, Parents and Carers.

Adult & Youth Sufferer
Parents & Carers
Top End Mental Health Consumers Organisation (TEMHCO)
Provide mutual support, systems advocacy and social events for people with a mental illness.
Ph: (08) 8999 4909

Mental Health Carers NT
Provide support services for families and friends of people with a mental Illness or psychiatric disability. Mental Health Carers NT services are free and available to all people who care for or about a person with a mental illness.
Ph: (08) 8948 1051
Fax: (08) 8948 2473

Provide mutual help groups for people who want to recover from emotional breakdown or mental illness or who want to prevent breakdown.
Ph: (08) 8945 4096
Carer's NT
Provide a number of direct services to carers including Counselling, Carer Liaison and Advocacy, Respite Services, Music Therapy and Volunteer Support Services. The services provided by volunteers are include practical help and support to carers, care recipients and self carers who do not have the usual support networks, such as family.
Ph: (08) 8948 4877