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About OCD

Hi, I am 12 years old and one of the unlucky OCD sufferers out there.  To all those out there who don’t know what OCD is, it is an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. 

This particular disease causes children to think unwanted thoughts or even lead to washing their hands up to 50 times a day!  I for one have the unwanted thoughts which can include killing people, family members being bad people, or even nasty thoughts about the devil.  Although we will never act on these thoughts, it is hard to stop thinking about them.  I also know a close person who suffers from the other type of OCD where you can’t stop thinking about germs.  This can also lead to not being able to go to the toilet in fear of getting germs.  I have been seeing a therapist with my OCD and it really has helped me in lots of ways.  When I first started seeing her I was really scared that there was something wrong with me, but after a while seeing this person, she helped me to realise that I had OCD.  At first I was so ecstatic realising that none of my horrible thoughts were real but that wasn’t the end of that.  I had to work out the right strategy for me that would help me to stop analysing these thoughts.  I couldn’t have gotten through it all without the help of my wonderful parents and my therapist.  I am still not fully over my OCD but I know I have come a long way since the beginning.  I hope after reading this you will begin to realise the thoughts involved in OCD and that sometimes the best way to get over OCD is to see someone about it and come out in the open.


Contribution to The Opening Door, ARCVic Newsletter, June 2003.

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