Recovery Programs

ARCVic provide short term, skills based group therapy programs for people with anxiety disorders.

Mindfulness Based Stress and Anxiety Program
4 Week Group Program
Mindfulness is a gentle approach but powerful way of learning to pay attention. This program is an introduction to the practice of informal and formal mindfulness to help reduce stress and manage anxiety.
In this 4 week group, you will learn how to become more aware of how your mind works, acknowledge when unhelpful thought and behavior patterns arise, and learn strategies to assist with intense feelings and sensations in the body associated with stress and anxiety.
Thursdays 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th July 2021

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PTS Education and Recovery Strategies Workshop

Many people will experience a traumatic event in their lifetime which can understandably be highly stressful and emotionally challenging.  However given the right support and circumstances, most people recover in the weeks following it.  Some people may react in a more severe and enduring way, resulting in a diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  Recent Australian studies have reported the lifetime prevalence rates of PTSD in the community at 7.7%.  Despite the pain and distress, many people also report great psychological and spiritual growth and other positive outcomes from the recovery journey.  These psychological changes, known as Post Traumatic Growth can include the perception of improved interpersonal relationships, enhanced personal strength, new possibilities, spiritual growth and an increased appreciation of life (Tedeschi & Calhoun, 2004).

This workshop is focused on increasing understanding and coping skills around traumatic stress reactions whilst keeping Post Traumatic Growth in mind.  It consists of 6 x 90-minute sessions that provide information for participants about PTSD and how it affects the brain, individual treatment options when working with a therapist, identifying values and learning new skills in self-compassion, mindfulness and grounding techniques with the purpose of moving towards a valued and meaningful life. The program draws from approaches in cognitive-behavioural therapy, neuroscience, acceptance and commitment therapy, compassion-focused therapy and research into post-traumatic growth.

A brief telephone interview and screening will be undertaken with eligible participants. The program is designed for eligible participants to access the Medicare Mental Health Care Plan (group sessions) to lower the cost.  Places fill quickly so please call or e-mail to register your interest.
New dates TBA
Healthy Minds and Bodies
Healthy bodies make healthy minds
8 week group program - new dates TBA
 at the Anxiety Recovery Centre Victoria, 292 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills

In a safe and supportive environment, the Healthy minds and Bodies Workshop will facilitate a fitness journey aiming to:

  • Strengthen understandings of the mind and body connection
  • Provide a motivating and inclusive approach to exercise
  • Demonstrate how exercise and nutrition can help manage anxiety levels
  • Create a supportive and motivational group environment
  • Comprehensive assessment of pre and post fitness and anxiety levels
  • Reflect and track individual progress through wellbeing workbook

New dates TBA


Hoarding Workshop
4 week group program

Facilitated by Michelle Graeber (ARCVic CEO) 

Hoarding is described as a disorder if someone collects too many things, has difficultly letting go or throwing out things that are no longer needed or wanted.  Often, people who hoard have difficulty moving around their home due to the amount of things they have accumulated inside it or even around the outside of their home.  Group therapy can be helpful as this reduces feelings of isolation and shame associated with hoarding behaviours and can enable people to develop their own skills, and understand the emotions and thoughts associated with their disorder. 

This workshop is focused on increasing understanding and coping skills.  People with hoarding can find it helpful to meet others with similar experiences & work through recovery together in a relaxed & understanding environment,

The workshop consists of 4 x 2 hour sessions that provide information for participants about hoarding and will be based on ideas from the “Buried in Treasures” book.  Participants will be invited to be matched with a volunteer ‘Companion’ to assist in the letting go process. 

Dates:   New dates TBA 
Venue: ARCVic, 292 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills  
Fee:   $70 /$25 for ARCVic members for the workshop

Fees are required to be paid up front in order to secure your spot in the program.  


If you are interested in receiving more information or attending a recovery program please contact the office on 03 9830 0566 or Helpline on 9830 0533