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Are you an Anxiety Ambassador?

Are you an Anxiety Ambassador?

Would you like to participate in a unique opportunity to share your story of recovery?

Have you developed skills and tools that you think may help others experiencing anxiety?

When it comes to stress, anxiety and panic many of us have a valuable story to tell.

At ARCVic we believe that by sharing stories of recovery we can help break down the stigma surrounding mental illness. By providing the community with real life experiences of crisis and recovery, we know we can get families, schools and workplaces talking and thinking differently about mental health.

There is so much benefit in learning from each other.

Storytelling can be very healing and many people benefit from having the opportunity to pass on their wisdom to others. We believe that by coming together to show Australia what it’s really like to experience mental illness we can encourage people to talk more openly, challenge some of the many myths out there and help others experiencing anxiety to feel connected and understood.

Why become an Anxiety Ambassador?

By helping others, you are helping yourself – your lived experience has provided you with valuable insights that can be used to educate the public and help others!

Your experience is important and you can make a big difference in someone else’s life.
When we reach out and share our experience, people can see they are not alone in their journey.

How can I participate?

We welcome you to share your stories and skills in whichever way you feel comfortable. Some people may want to use video, others might prefer to use voice recording, poetry, collage, photographs or drawings. Alternatively you may want to demonstrate your favorite mindfulness or grounding exercise.

There are so many ways to contribute and share your stories and skills…we welcome your creativity and original ideas!

How will my story be shared?

We will be showcasing all contributions on the ARCVic website throughout Anxiety Ambassador Month during March 2016!

How can I submit my story?

Video, audio and text files can be uploaded here. Please address your story to studentplacement@arcvic.org.au and include a brief description. If you would like to send your written story via fax or post, you can find our contact details on the bottom of our homepage.

We look forward to celebrating your valuable knowledge, skills, experiences, challenges and successes!

For more information please see our writing tips, participation guidelines & FAQ in our Anxiety Ambassador Toolkit or email anxietyambassador@arcvic.org.au.

Download a flyer here

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