Surrey Hills Womens Childhood Trauma Support Group

Support Group  for Women who have experienced Childhood Trauma/Abuse

 * 1st Wednesdays of the month 6.30 - 8.30pm

* Anxiety Recovery Centre Victoria, 292 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills

* By gold coin donation


Women who have experienced any form of childhood abuse or trauma (including sexual/physical/emotional/psychological/ritual/spiritual abuse, neglect, witnessing domestic violence and/or attachment trauma) can be left feeling unsupported, isolated and overwhelmed with a range of unprocessed emotions and physical symptoms, often accompanied by flashbacks, nightmares, intrusive thoughts, heightened anxiety and emotions, sleep problems, depression, self loathing, dissociation, family struggles, pain, and more.   Trauma can threaten our core beliefs and compromise our sense of self, can prevent us from continuing with aspects of our daily lives and enjoyment of our world, and may also impact physical and psychological health, intimate and family relationships, work, studies, parenting, and general functioning. 

Social support is just one of the many benefits of attending a support group.  This new support group can provide women with a safe comfortable place to connect with each other in an authentic way who have similar experiences and feel validated and ‘normal’, share mutual support and understanding, strategies for recovery and encouragement along the journey.  Group members can communicate their needs and feelings, gain perspective and hope from others, increase empowerment and motivation, and learn and grow together.

This support group will have a deeply respectful and gentle approach and you are welcome to come along and just listen if it feels too confronting to talk. 

One of the co-facilitators has been running this group monthly since 2001 and it has just recently come under the banner of ARCVic.

For more details or to register your interest contact 9830 0533.